About Us


Our farm is located in rural Franklin County, about 25 miles north of Raleigh, North Carolina. We named our 100-acre farm 'Carden' when we moved here to remind us what this beautiful place represents to us. The word 'Carden' is a combination of our names, Carol and Dennis, and represents our love of the land and our desire to raise a loving and happy family here. Hence, Carden represents us.

Animal life is abundant at Carden. There are dogs, cats, hens, roosters, turkeys, horses, beaver, rabbits, turtles, ducks, geese, owls, birds, fox, and deer everywhere! Nothing is as peaceful in the evening as hearing the whippoorwills sing in the Spring, the bob whites call, or the owls hooting. Most any time of the day you can spot a herd of deer grazing in one of the pastures or leaping across a path. Upon our walk to the soap shop each morning, we get to see the horses grazing while the dogs run across the pastures chasing birds on their way to their morning swim in the beaver pond.

One of our barns on the farm was converted into our soap shop when we began this business. Every bar of soap is made and packaged by hand. It is a process that takes considerable time and effort. We hope to keep this tradition in our family and pass the skills of soap making on to our children.

Our commitment to our customers has been the pinnacle of our success. We know that unsurpassed customer service coupled with quality workmanship is the key to customer satisfaction. Dedication and commitment to a strong work ethic has enabled us to provide our customers with outstanding products and service. We only use the finest glycerin and fragrances in our soaps and would never compromise the quality of the ingredients.